Nutricap Gummies 3 months
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New Nutricap Gummies

Nutricap Gummies 3 months

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    Seasonal changes, an unbalanced diet, stress or hormone variations (i.e: childbirth, menopause) make hair fragile. These may cause splitting and brittle fingernails.

    With 5 mg of biotin and multivitamins per gum, Nutricap Gummie helps strengthen hair and nails.  Its formula helps to improve ridged and brittle nails and maintain a healthy skin. 
    Besides acting on hair, nails and skin, Nutricap Gummie helps in supporting the immune system and collagen production for healthy bones, cartilages, teeth and gums.

    Ideal for use with the Nutricap product line.Nutricap is committed to reduce the use of plastic bottles and also uses recycled paper.

  • 1 Gummy per day. 

    Consult a healthcare practitioner if you are a pregnant or breast-feeding woman.
    At certain doses, biotin can interact with blood test outcomes.  Tell your physician or healthcare practitioner that you are using this product.

    Our gummies follows Health Canada recommendation's daily dosage. However, we recommend to avoid taking more than 2 gums a day.

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