Nutrisanté Laboratories specialize in the implementation and development of natural molecules that have a beneficial effect on human health.  We have always placed great importance on validating the effectiveness of single nutrients, and combinations of nutrients, on the body’s health.  Research has constantly been at the core of our development.  As a result, research into new properties, new processes, and new dosage forms enables us to provide products that have a higher degree of performance. 

Our products are designed by scientific teams, based on cutting-edge scientific and medical data, and manufactured in line with pharmaceutical standards.  Our researchers work hand-in-hand on this natural-based health concept with France’s major research bodies as well as with physicians and pharmacists.  The Ponroy Health Group currently holds 9 international patents and boasts 30 clinical studies.

All our products undergo strict quality control at each step of the manufacturing process to ensure traceability, efficacy, and tolerability.