1. In Health Canada’s Natural Health Products Regulations, the following substances qualify as natural health products:

    • Vitamins and minerals
    • Medicinal plants, seaweed, and mushrooms
    • Amino acids and their salts
    • Essential fatty acids
    • Probiotics
    • Homeopathic remedies
    • Traditional remedies (e.g., traditional Chinese or Indian medicine)

    The aim of these products is to maintain and improve health.

  2. No. Nutricap capsules promote hair and nails growth. Hair growth and hair body growth are two different things and can be linked to genetic factors. 

  3. No' it's beef gelatin.

  4. Our diet often contains excessive amounts of fat and sugar and is lacking in essential elements.  This imbalance weakens our body and may cause various problems : fatigue, stress, insomnia, hair loss, excess weight, constipation, decreased immune defences, etc.

     Food supplements are intended to complete our regular diet by providing essential nutrients to the body (vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, etc.) and are usually available in gel caps, tablets, ampoules, capsules, herbal teas, drinkable solutions, etc.

    Very high-tech in nature, food supplements produced by Nutrisanté Laboratories are a concentrated source of nutrients, along with other substances, that work in-depth on nutritional deficiencies in order to restore the metabolism’s balance.

  5. Since 2004, Health Canada has put strict regulations into place to guarantee the safety, efficacy, and security of natural health products.  Each product must meet specific requirements for approval.  Dosing, formulas, and scientific evidence demonstrating the efficacy and safety of ingredients are rigorously analyzed.
    When all requirements are met, a product obtains a marketing licence and a Natural Product Number (NPN) is assigned.  Once approved, the product may be marketed all over Canada.

    All products from Nutrisanté Laboratories are approved by Health Canada and comply with current standards.  We strive to provide quality products that are mindful of the whole person.

  6. As with prescription medication, Natural Health Products can cause adverse events and may not be suitable for certain categories of people (e.g.: pregnant women, children, people with certain illnesses), or they can influence, either favorably or negatively, the outcome of a drug treatment.

    To reduce the risk of adverse events, we recommend the following:

    • Do not exceed the recommended dose or the length of treatment shown on the label.
    • Consult a healthcare practitioner if you are already taking medication or if you suffer from a particular illness. 
    • Only use natural health products approved by Health Canada that have an NPN.
    • Consult your physician or pharmacist if symptoms persist or worsen or if you are experiencing discomfort.

    Feel free to consult your pharmacist to ensure you are using a product best suited for your needs.


  7. Pregnant women It is advisable to avoid using natural health medications and products.

    Breastfeeding women : You have to read the instructions on the packaging and consult the pharmacist before using if you have any dougbt. 

  8. Our products are sold in most Quebec pharmacies and in some health stores.  Our products are also available in other Canadian provinces at specific sales outlets. For more details, see our retailers list.

  9. Most of  our products are gluten-free. For more information, see products ingredients and precautions. Gluten intolerance is a health problem affecting an increasing number of people.  That is why we make it a point to use gluten-free ingredients.

  10. In 1975, Yves Ponroy, founder of Nutrisanté Laboratories, discovered the benefits of using phospholipids.  Then, through numerous scientific investigations, he demonstrated the importance of lipids for the central nervous system.
    Phospholipids are essential components of neuron membranes.  They play a key role in exchanging information between neurons.  Omega-3s (EPA and DHA) are lipids contained in membrane phospholipids.  The quality of this exchange in information is proportionate to the amounts of omega-3 contained in the neuron membranes.  Consequently, phospholipid supplementation makes it possible to improve intellectual performance (memory and concentration), as well as combat stress and sleep disorders.

  11. The gelatin used in our capsules comes primarily from beef and, in some products, fish.  No pork-based gelatin is used in our products.
    For further details, please contact our Customer Service department at 1 800-667-7636.

  12. Some of our products contain B vitamins (specifically vitamin B2 and folic acid), which give a bright yellow colour to urine.  This is a completely normal effect that will disappear two hours after using the natural health product.  Vitamin B2 is soluble in water; the body absorbs what it needs and then eliminates the rest.  Yellow is the actual colour of the vitamin.

  13. Nutricap is a natural formula that helps in the growth and development of hair and nails.  We advise using Nutricap as a 3-month treatment, in particular with each change of season.  You will notice beneficial effects within 2 weeks on your nails and between 2-3 months on your hair.  Your nails will be tougher and sturdier and your hair will be more resistant and flexible, silkier and shinier.

  14. We recommend using Nutricap for at least 3 months before its benefits on your hair can be seen.  However, there are no contraindications for using Nutricap all year-round if you are looking for strong and shiny hair and nails.

  15. It is preferable for women to use the Nutricap line of products for women.  However, women with male pattern baldness may prefer the Nutricap formula for men.

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