Nutricap Wheat Germ Oil Shampoo
$8 49
nutricap shampoo wheat germ oil

Nutricap Wheat Germ Oil Shampoo

$8 49
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  • Suited for all types of hair, NUTRICAP Wheat Germ Oil Shampoo  combines the nourishing benefits of wheat germ oil and vitamin E with a very soft cleansing base.  A natural formula that provides shine and flexibility for hair beaming with vitality! Especially suitable for damaged hair or dryness-prone hair.


  • Apply shampoo on wet hair, massage into the scalp. Leave for 2 to 3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Daily use will give you soft and shiny hair.
    For optimal effectiveness, use with NUTRICAP Balm Sea butter and NUTRICAP capsules for Women.

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    4 Reviews

    • Shampoing nutricap*


      Excellent shampoing! Par contre j'aime pas ce genre de contenant . préférerais une bouteille avec bouchon.

    • Amazing*


      This is an amazing shampoo. Both my husband and I use it and are very satisfied with the results. I follow up by using the balm...which has a scent that is out of this world! The two coupled together are phenomenal! I highly recommend them and am even more impressed with the value. The actual results compared with the price make this a very great deal! (review on

    • Good shampoo*


      Good shampoo! Smell very good!

    • Nutricap shampooing*


      Bonjour, je voudrais avoir des info sur le shampoing. Est-ce que ça peut aider à faire repousser les cheveux à la place des capsules? Merci.

      REPONSE DES LABORATOIRES NUTRISANTÉ: Bonjour Dominique, le shampooing aide à préserver la beauté des cheveux au quotidien. Pour aider à la repousse, il faut utiliser les capsules qui apportent tous les nutriments essentiels pour nourrir et renforcer vos cheveux de l'intérieur et faciliter leur croissance.

    * Results may vary from one individual to another.